Born and raised in Houston, Texas I was immediately propelled into a diverse community. I love engaging with new people to learn about the things that make each individual unique. A passion for surrealism, photography, painting, and dream­like imagery which has always reminded me that there's a better world in one's own imagination.

When I create my designs I focus on the core values my client has in order to illustrate the Logos, Branding, and Designs they envision. I think it is important that it shows a reflection of my client whole-heartedly so that their commitment to their audience lives through the brand I develop for them. 

I create work that carries my social commentary on the world and I aim to make my work bring people together especially, during this moment in time where influential figures are trying to divide us. I also intend for everyone to reevaluate one’s own actions and in order to become more engaged in our society and in return discover new ways to impact the world positively. It is time to face this hatred and corruption head on and we can only triumph when we stand united.




Otis College of Art and Design: Illustration Major

Bachelors in Fine Art June 2016


Work Experience


Industry Rag

Graphic Designer

Silk Screen Production




Web Design Intern


Gallery Shows


Giant Robot

Post-It Show



Jiquilillo, Nicaragua: Mural

 Created a mural for the local community health clinic




Youth Art Month Competition

Obtained Certificate for Outstanding Performance



Man of Honor Recipient

Recognition and participated in the Man of Honor Exhibition