January 2015

Visited the fishing village Jiquilillo, Nicaragua to help promote recycling and reducing the use of plastics. The community sea creatures have been affected by the plastics that are washed into the ocean so we helped organize a beach clean up and a presentation to educate the younger kids to carry on the ideals of being more aware about plastic usage. With fellow classmates we helped screen print reusable bags for the community. We also were able to create a mural for the health clinic in the community that was inspired by the children's representation of their community. This was a collaborative effort through other Otis students from all different majors. We were also able to feed over 100 families in the Chinandega community for those less fortunate. Monty's Beach lodge which is located in Jiquilillo and who helped the community progress has also developed a Hawksbill sea turtle hatchery and has been able to hatch and set free over 10,000 turtles!  Jiquilillo is a beautiful community a popular surf spot with a lot of sun to soak in, but is also filled with an amazing community who carry on Nicaragua's spirit and culture.